Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Åkset Naturfotografie
Rent a shed and experience the spurvehauken flying after the nuts, from mid-August to mid-October. You can also see the hønsehauken close to winter time from mid December to early March. The shed used for spurvehauk and hønsehauk is brand new an...

Herstøl - Hommefløyen, Lindesnes
From the parking lot you can choose to walk the first road (steep) or the path right next (even steeper but slightly shorter) up to Herstølstjønn. Tarald Louen first came to Odden, a house that you pass by the end of the tour, not far east of He...

Hoveheia, Lindesnes
At the start down, by the town hall you pass the home of the grandparents to Gustav Vigeland on the left. Gustav Vigeland himself lived here on the farm for a period in the 1880s. The mill house you pass a little further up belongs to this yard ...

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