Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

"Stovesjappa" lokale Geschäft
A local grocery store with the most important items you need. Here it is also possible to buy Ljosland Fjellstove's local products and homemade bread....

Apotek 1 - AMFI Mandal
We have non-prescription medicine, skin and hair care products, dietary supplements, natural remedies and a host of other health and well-being products. Our products must meet strict quality requirements. New products undergo a thorough profess...

To meet their demands, Bik Box stores continuously updated collections of new and inspiring clothes every week. Bik Box's image is created by enthusiastic employees, cool stores and marketing that engage both customers and employees. The shopkee...

Bjørklund - AMFI Mandal
Our goal is to offer you as a large selection of jewelry and watches from famous brands. Our philosophy has always been clear: We must be a jewelry and bell necklace for most people. Expensive or cheap - we should be as gentle and helpful anyway...

Boots' apotek - AMFI Mandal
Because good health and natural beauty are connected! Boots has more than 160 years of experience in pharmacy and product development and is today one of Europe's best-known brand names and the UK's leading player in health and well-being. Boots...

Brilleland - AMFI Mandal
Wir vom Brilleland meinen, es sollte weder teuer noch schwierig sein, eine Brille zu kaufen. Wir tun alles, um die Preise niedrig zu halten, so dass Sie als Kunde mehr sparen. Wir sind ein Teil von Grand Vision, des Welt größten Optikerunternehm...

Carlings - AMFI Mandal
The sellers are young, rock and fashion conscious - famous for their good service and high product knowledge. We have a wide range of jeans from the biggest jeans players on the market....

Clas Ohlson - AMFI Mandal
Our passion for cool products shows us everything we do. It is a legacy of our founder, who spent many nights hatching smart solutions to everyday problems. Our true interest in finding reliable and smart products is one of the reasons why we ha...

Cubus - AMFI Mandal
The shop is in the AMFI shopping centre in Øvrebyen. Here you will find ladies-, mens- and childrens clothes. In addition the shop has a selection of make-up and perfume....

DNA - AMFI Mandal
"Style surfing" has become a familiar term. Variation in clothing style. We do not go anymore in the same outfits day after day, we embrace the opportunity to expand our wardrobe. Sweet, floral dress with sandals one day, worn jeans and leather ...

Hå Gamle Prestegard
Der Hå gamle prestegard, eine traditionsreiche Hoflanlage unter Denkmalschutz, ist heute eine Kunst- und Kultureinrichtung, wo Werke der Gegenwartskunst - Gemälde, Installationen und Skulpturen-, Kunsthandwerk und kulturgeschichte im Vordergrund...

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