Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Clas Ohlson - AMFI Mandal
Our passion for cool products shows us everything we do. It is a legacy of our founder, who spent many nights hatching smart solutions to everyday problems. Our true interest in finding reliable and smart products is one of the reasons why we ha...

Dyrego Zoo - AMFI Mandal
Dyrego is a national chain, with central purchasing in large quantities. This allows you to get reputable products at the best prices. We include brands such as Eukanuba, Orijen and Royal Canin. Our vision is to increase the quality of life of p...

Kid Interiør - AMFI Mandal
Get it right! In Norway we love to fix up at home! And we in Kid Interiors are concerned with the same thing - it's nice with renewal and it's going to be easy to get to. Kid has Norway's largest selection of curtains and bed sets. We also have ...

Kitch’n - AMFI Mandal
In 1996 we started with our first "kitchen shop". A store concept focusing on all the quality of the kitchen. It happened at Kvadrat Shopping Center in Sandnes, and the store was named Bjørns Kjøkkendesign. We started similar stores in Stavanger...

VITA - AMFI Mandal
VITA has full control and overview of what you're wondering or looking for in makeup, skin care, hair care, health food, scent and perfume! We are ready to help you seek good advice, inspiration and good products in beauty, health and well-being...

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