Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

3-D film "Petropolis"
Besuchen Sie das norwegische Ölmuseum in Stavanger und sehen Sie den spannenden Film "Petropolis". Er wird zweimal pro Stunde im Kinosaal des Museums gezeigt. ...

Activities for children at Sørlandets Art museum
SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum is engaged in a wide range of activities, which include displaying its art collection and temporary exhibitions with Norwegian and international art. In addition the museum has an extended educational program. The ...

Høllen Tag
Markt, Stände, Ausstellungen, Aktionen, Musik und Tanz auf dem Pier....

Kaperdagene i Farsund
The Pirate Festival, known as Kaperdagene, is three days of fun and entertainment in the town of Farsund. There are pirate tours for children and entertainment from the stage in the town square. Kaperdagene traditionally starts with the annou...

Kinderaktivitäten - Kristiansand museum
Kinderaktivitäten jeden Tag im Sommer, um 13 und 14 Uhr.  ...

Kinderfilm festival Kristiansand
Kristiansand International Childrens Film Festiva (Internationale Kinderfestival) mit Kinderfilmen, Filmaktivitäten, Präsentationen, Seminaren und sozialen Veranstaltungen statt....

Norwegisches Erdölmuseum
Energi - Problem or Solution? This new attraction focuses on one of today’s biggest challenges – while the world’s growing population needs ever more energy, that usually means emitting greenhouse gases.    Things could quickly go wrong .....

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