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Christmas 3D show in Kristiansand
Check out the 3D-show at Clarion Hotel Ernst in Kristiansand. The 3D mapping show can be viewed from December 15. - 22. Times: 15.dec: kl 17.05 - 18.05 - 19.05 - 20.05 - 21.05 - 22.05 16 dec: kl 17.05 - 18.05 - 19.05 - 20.05 17.dec...

Christmas in Kristiansand - Opening
Enjoy the city of Kristiansand before Christmas. The city is filled with beautiful and colourful Christmas decorations. There will be shopping, saxophone from the church tower, Christmas-market, traditional Norwegian cuisine, concerts and activi...

The island community of Bømlo is connected to the mainland and an hour’s drive from the centre of Haugesund. It is home to Moster amfi, one of Norway’s most beautiful outdoor theatres. This is the arena for Mostraspelet, one of Norway’s oldest a...

Wind in the willows
Children’s classic Fasten your seatbelts! When our Children’s and Youth Theatre perform Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale Wind in the Willows, it’ll be quite a ride! You’ll meet Mole, the mild-mannered homebody, Ratty, the water vole with li...

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