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Dark Season Music festival
Music festival in Kristiansand, Southern Norway....

Annual festival were people of all ages can experience a wide specter of cultural offers within literature, music, dance, movies, lectures, theater and art on 20 of the cities cultural arenas. Do you like rock, poetry, theater or maybe art? O...

Nuart Street Art Tours
Nuart’s Street Art Walking Tour takes you through 15 years of Nuart Festival’s impressive Street Art history and the evolution of Stavanger into one of the world’s leading destinations for Street Art. Street art is without doubt the most exci...

Ranglerock 2017
The Ranglerock Festival is an annual rock festival that takes place in the small town of Bryne, located on the west coast of Norway. Usually arranged in July. The festival was first held at Hognestad in 2002, then being called the Hoggstock Fest...

Sola Airshow 2017
Stavanger Lufthafen Sola 80 Jahren....

Sørveiv - Live festival
Sørveiv – Südnorwegisches Musikfestival Am Musikfestival Sørveiv Live werden 40-45 Musiker aus verschiedenen Ländern teilnehmen. Aufstrebende Bands aus der Region werden ebenfalls auftreten. Die Konzerte finden an sieben verschiedenen Orten i...

Stribefeber! Cartoon Festival
Cartoon festival in Kristiansand...

Sur & Bitter - Ølfestival
Handwork-beer is in. More and more are interested, and have knowledge about, beer and brewing.  The beer festival is located in the old cinema in Sandnes, KINOKINO. The full programme of the festival will be released eventually.  18 year...

The potato festival
Potato Festival is a tradition of the cultural life celebrating Bryne’s potatoes and its growers. The festival is a fun-filled day of activities, entertainment and good food for the entire family. You can stroll around in search of great deal...

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