Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

12th International Tattooconvention Stavanger
The International Tattoo Convention is coming to Stavanger to celebrate its 12th anniversary together with all tattoo lovers!! The most respected tattoo artists from Norway and abroad gather to show their art to Stavanger.   We will kee...

American Festival Vanse
Each year the city of Farsund comes alive with American culture at the American Festival. It is a great event with fun and activitites for everyone.  American cars, dances, live music played by bands from the states, Farsund's own Elvis imper...

Amerikanischen Emigration Festival 2016
The American Emigration Festival is eight days of activities for the whole family including great local and american food and live entertainment. The American Emigration Museum will be open everyday....

Der Wikinger Festival
Alljährlich im Juni findet auf Bukkøy das Wikingerfestival statt, zu dem ”Wikinger” aus ganz europa auf die insel kom- men. in diesem Jahr passiert dies vom 4. bis 7. Juni. in den verschiedenen Zelten werden traditionelle handwerk- stechniken de...

Drachen Festival
The annual kite festival will be held on the first weekend of June. Norway's largest and oldest annual kite festival begins with a large kite workshop in Sola Culture House on Saturday and continues with kite festival on the Hellstø beach on ...

Fartein Valen-festival
The Fartein Valen festival will present some of Norways leading and most innovative composers. Focus will also be on the composer Fartein Valen 1887 - 1952. Here you will find full program and information about the festival.   You can a...

Festival der Shalentiere im Mandal
Jedes Jahr am zweiten Augustwochenende wird in Mandal, der südlichsten Stadt Norwegens, das Schalentierfestival gefeiert. Es findet in diesem Jahr vom 9 bis 12. August statt. Das Festival wurde 1988 ins Leben gerufen – und hat seitdem eine...

GBfestival (RubberBoatFestival)
3 nights of concerts buildt around the main concept: Drift down the river and see concerts and events along the riverside....

Havnedagene i Haugesund
Havnedagene in Haugesund is a meeting point of the coast toilers on land and sea. Here you can meet all kinds of boats and vessels. All with one thing in common that they have earned the coast for generations. Havnedagene were first held in 1...

Heilt Sør - Musik, Bier und Food Festival
"Heilt Sør" ist ein Fest mit viel gute Musik, gute lokale Küche und natürlich gute lokale Bier. Mehr Informationen darüber, was passiert, kann Sie am de Facebook-Seite des Festivals zu finden. Willkommen bei "Heilt Sør" 03-04 Juni 2016!...

Jærdagen/Jærnåttå 2016
Jærdagen  Three days of shopping, good food experiences, entertainment and festive spirit will take place in Bryne starting from 23 May. This is a festival with a long tradition where Jæren’s culture and food are presented. Bryne Centre...

Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2016
The festival has allready booked numerous bands from all around Europe.  The festival is located between Bergen and Stavanger, at the westcoast of Norway, 20 minutes drive from Haugesund. The airport  is only 15 minutes drive away and the airpor...

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