Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Bris Festival
Festival in Kristiansand city center with DJ's and international artists....

Festival der Shalentiere im Mandal
Jedes Jahr am zweiten Augustwochenende wird in Mandal, der südlichsten Stadt Norwegens, das Schalentierfestival gefeiert. Es findet in diesem Jahr vom 9 bis 12. August statt. Das Festival wurde 1988 ins Leben gerufen – und hat seitdem eine...

International Chamber Music Festival 2016
During the days of the festival top-class musicians will play together in Stavanger and share their joy with the audience. Many of the world's elite musicians have performed at the festival, quite a few of them more than once, including pian...

Punkt Festival
PUNKT ist ein Jazz/Electronica Musikfestival in Kristiansand, Südnorwegen. Die Konzerte finden an verschiedenen Orten in Kristiansand statt. Das Besondere dieses Festivals ist, dass an diesen drei Tagen die Konzerte aufgenommen, sofort im Tonstu...

Rally Tronåsen
250 vintage vehicles will race over Tronåsen this day. The race starts at Lendemoen and runs along Sirdalsvannet to Moi, and out to Tronvik before passing over Tronåsen. It will be a great spectacle with lots of polished vintage cars. About T...

Sola Airshow 2017
Stavanger Lufthafen Sola 80 Jahren....

Southern DisComfort Metal Festival
In 2002 Southern Discomfort metal festival started up in Kristiansand in the south of Norway. Every year it brings everything from big artists to local up and rising acts on stage. The main acts perform at the main stage, Kick, every day. Clu...

Tribal Clash Scandinavia in Kristiansand
THE ULTIMATE TEST OF TEAM FITNESS! Two days of workouts that will push your fitness to its limits, both as an individual and as a team. Beachside setting in the picturesque coastal town of Kristiansand in Southern Norway. Tribal Clash is ...

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