Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

3-Sjøersløpet (3 lakes race) 2016
3-Sjøersløpet is a run with the intention of motivating more people to challenge themselves to finishing a long distance race.  The run is organised every year on the first Saturday in November. This is for many people the end of the running ...

Christmas show Sola 2016
This year also there will be Christmas show at  Sola. Dinner, show and dance. The artists this year are: Eva & The Heartmaker, Alejandro Fuentes, Ørjan Burøe, Christian Eriksen, Kevin Lunde, Hans Petter Hansen, Glenn Lyse band and singalong ...

Dalane Bluesfestival 2017
Dalane Blues Festival was established in 2003 with a vision to reach out to as many music enthusiasts as possible. The main theme for the festival musically is blues, but throughout the years we have had bands and solo artists that are of a diff...

Festival der Shalentiere im Mandal
Das Festival wurde 1988 ins Leben gerufen – und hat seitdem eine lange Tradition. Es ist das Fest, das Mandal in aller Welt bekannt machte. An diesem Wochenende steht die ganze Stadt Kopf – Leute aus dem In- und Ausland reisen nach Norwegen, um ...

Gladmat 2017
Scandinavia's biggest food festival! Gladmat first appeared in the Matfylket Rogaland network, which saw the need to share some of what the region has to offer when it comes to food and culture. The professionals in food will fuse together with ...

Run around Store Stokkavatn, totally 8.2km. Both elite and amateurs participants. Everyone gets a medal and the winners get a prize. ...

Sola Airshow 2017
Stavanger Lufthafen Sola 80 Jahren....

Stavanger Wine Festival
14 of the the city's best restaurants arrange this festival together with some of Europe's best wine makers, fantastic chefs and suppliers . On the programme is a wine parade with 8 stops for tasting wine and food. The participators in the pa...

Tribal Clash Scandinavia in Kristiansand
THE ULTIMATE TEST OF TEAM FITNESS! Two days of workouts that will push your fitness to its limits, both as an individual and as a team. Beachside setting in the picturesque coastal town of Kristiansand in Southern Norway. Tribal Clash is ...

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