Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

A double Irish - De Danann & St. Patrick´s
An evening with traditional, Irish music. The Kristiansand band St. Patrick's celebrates its 20th anniversary by inviting some of Ireland's most legendary folk musicians, De Danann, into a double concert at Kilden. ...

Classical Konzert -Søgne Gamle Prestegård
Sunday September 21th the trio Peter Richter (guitar), Aage Kvalbein (cello) and Madelene Berg (Violin) will play at Søgne Gamle prestegård. The concert will be a mix of eras and styles, where all three musicians contribute their personal favor...

Die beliebte konzert 2014 mit Atle Pettersen und Hilde Norbakken
The Popular Concert - 2014! 28th October at 1900 in Filadelfia,Vennesla....

Intimen Konzert mit Fantastische Trygve Skaug - Ansgarkapellet
Intimate Concert in Ansgarkapellet with Fantastic Trygve Skaug, known from the band StMorritz!...

Koncert: "A musical CV" - an evening with Syvert Dale and 16 of his friends
"Kulturhuset" presents Syvert G. Dale and his multiple musical talent! Syvert is 39 years old and has more than 20 years experience as a singer in various musical projects and bands. Through this he has made ​​many great friendships both musica...

Konzert - Maria Mena Trio
Maria Mena visited Kilden in 2012. It is a great pleasure we can welcome her to a new consert. This time with a trio! Maria Mena has since her debut in 2002 sold more than 700,000 records throughout Europe and the USA. She has been nominated fo...

Konzert - The Blue Masters Allstars
On Saturday 20 Sept. it´s time for a high quality concert with Christiansand Blues Club! With great help from secret local artists, we have been able to do a special concert concept for this evening. Under the name "The Blue Masters Allstars», ...

Konzert : Manfred Mann´s Earth Band - Kick Scene
27.11 the Manfred Mann`s Earth Band finally is back to KICK & Nightclub Scene!...

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