Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Circus Ravnedalen
Circus Ravnedalen is a music festival in Kristiansand, Southern Norway. Order tickets to Circus Ravnedalen at www.ticketmaster.no. Line up 2017: Highasakite, Sondre Justad, Dagny, Xavier Rudd and Rossman.  More artists tba. Find o...

Dream Theater in Kristiansand - sold out
Dream Teater playing live in Kilden, Kristiansand, Southern Norway. “Even for a group that has blazed new trails consistently, there's never been anything to compare to The Astonishing, the full-blown rock-opera, jumbo-size concept album…...

Elton John in Kristiansand
Concert with Sir Elton John live at the city beach in Kristiansand, Southern Norway. Tickets at ticketmaster.no. Id 18 years. Promoters is Wait For It and Live Nation Norway, and the concert is a part of Sir Elton Johns Wonderful Crazy...

Havnedagene i Haugesund
Havnedagene in Haugesund is a meeting point of the coast toilers on land and sea. Here you can meet all kinds of boats and vessels. All with one thing in common that they have earned the coast for generations. Havnedagene were first held in 1...

International Chamber Music Festival
Many of the great composers have created some of their very best works in the chamber format. Throughout these years, the public in Stavanger has learned to appreciate this rich repertoire, and its power to move deeply when it is interpreted by ...

Justin Bieber
JUSTIN BIEBER + MARTIN GARRIX perform at Den Store Sommerfesten! More artists to come. These are two of the largest artists in the world - performing in Stavanger in 2017! Children under the age of 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult...

Konzert mit Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra
Concert with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (KSO, Norwegian: Kristiansand Symfoniorkester) at Kilden Performing Arts Centre. KSO is a professional symphony orchestra in Kristiansand, Norway with approx. 70 full-time musicians. Chief conductor i...

Konzert: Benoni & BigHand
Concert at Kick venue in Kristiansand, Southern Norway.  Tickets at www.ticketmaster.no....

Konzert: Eva Weel Skram
Eva Weel Skram from Eva & The Heartmaker playing live in Kilden, Kristiansand, Southern Norway....

Konzert: Halvdan Sivertsen
Concert in Kilden, Kristiansand, Southern Norway....

Konzert: The Manhattan Transfer
The Manhatten Transfer concert at Kilden in Kristiansand....

Konzert: Thomas Dybdahl
Concert with singer/songwriter Thomas Dybdahl at Kilden Theatre and Concert hall in Kristiansand, Southern Norway....

Kopervik Festival
The public festival with the great concert experiences! For more information check out www.kopervikfest.no...

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