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Art exhibition at Kristiansand Kunsthall: Geir Brungot, Stein Koksvik, Olav Ringdal
Art exhibition at Kristiansand Kunsthall: Tilbud, anslag, en suksesshistorie by Geir Brungot, Stein Koksvik and Olav Ringdal. Kristiansand Kunsthall (art hall) is located at the town square in the middle of kristiansand. In magnificent, spa...

Art exhibitions at Odderøya Open
Willkommen bei Odderøya Open in Kristiansand. Wo die Türen von Workshops, Galerien, Cafés und Produktionsflächen auf Odderøya öffnet für die Öffentlichkeit....

Exhibition @ arteriet: Elmedin Žunićs "Inverted memoirs"
Exhibition at arteriet art gallery in Vågsbygd, Kristiansand....

Exhibition SKMU: Ann Cathrin November Høibo
SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum was established in 1995, and moved into its new museum facilities in the city centre of Kristiansand in February 2000. The Museum covers the entire region of Agder. This means that the museum is a regional resource ce...

Exhibition: Furniture industry in Sandnes
The exhibition «Alle gode ting er tre» (All good things are wood) diplays the Sandnes' rich furniturehistory from 1870 - 1970 The production of furniture in Sandnes blossomed n the early 1900s, and became one of the main industries of the t...

Annual festival were people of all ages can experience a wide specter of cultural offers within literature, music, dance, movies, lectures, theater and art on 20 of the cities cultural arenas. Do you like rock, poetry, theater or maybe art?...

NUART 4 KIDS: Papperiet
Come build with cardboard! Build your own house, shop, car or plane! Let your imagination run wild!!! Papperiet is a haven for children: a place where creativity flourishes and time stands still. The children get access to an area with infini...

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