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Art exhibition at SKMU: Jeppe Hein - Distance
Art exhibition at SKMU in Kristiansand: Distance is an interactive work by the Danish artist Jeppe Hein (b. 1974). As you enter the exhibition room, your presence is registered by a sensor and a ball is set in motion. The ball rolls along at dif...

Art exhibitions at Odderøya Open
Welcome to Odderøya Open. Wo die Türen von Workshops, Galerien, Cafés und Produktionsflächen auf Odderøya in Kristiansand öffnet für die Öffentlichkeit....

Arts and crafts marked
A marked teeming with life and a wonderful selection of arts and crafts. Besides the marked there is also several galleries and workshops at "Kulturfabrikken" (english: the Culture Factory). There is even a microbrewery!...

Exhibition SKMU: The town and the region. The collection 2015-2017
In 2015 Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (art museum) SKMU celebratet their 20th year as the art museum for the region of Southern Norway. Their responsibility for regional art is clearly reflected in the museum’s collection. This includes the holdings of...

Exhibition: Arvid Pettersen
Arvid Pettersen is one of the most significant painters in his generation. He has also played an important role as an art teacher. Pettersen debuted as a graphic at the Vestlands exhibition in 1967, and also attended the autumn exhibition the sa...

Exhibition: Power to the Bees
The lives of bees and honey production have fascinated man through history. Also artists have been inspired by the aesthetics and functionality of the hive, and symbolism and myths related to honey. This is the starting point for the initiative ...

Gadekunst - Kristiansand street art festival
Gadekunst is a street art festival in Kristiansand. Events, workshops and pop up exhibition all week. Follow Krs Gadekunstlag on Facebook facebook.com/krsgadekunst....

Annual festival were people of all ages can experience a wide specter of cultural offers within literature, music, dance, movies, lectures, theater and art on 20 of the cities cultural arenas. Do you like rock, poetry, theater or maybe art?...

Altes Industriegebäude mit facettenreicher Geschichte – für kulturelle Zwecke restauriert: Kunstausstellung und Kunstgewerbeladen, Gastronomie (Kaffee, Waffeln u. Ä.)....

NUART 4 KIDS: Papperiet
Come build with cardboard! Build your own house, shop, car or plane! Let your imagination run wild!!! Papperiet is a haven for children: a place where creativity flourishes and time stands still. The children get access to an area with infini...

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