Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Eskapisme - Austellung am Kulturfabrikken
Artists: - Susanne Quist - Susanne Quist - Benedicte Gran - Benedicte Gran Art & Photograpy - Sissel M Fiære - Simafi Exhibition opens on friday 12/6 at 19.00. Live music by Tone Hille Bringsdal....

Familientag am Samstag - SKMU
Familientag jeden ersten Samstag im Monat auf SKMU. Was ist los? Das Kunstmuseum ist geöffnet. Herbst-Workshop für jung und alt. Aufgaben für die größeren Kinder in den Ausstellungen. Family Tour bei 13 bis 14:30 Uhr in der Sammlung des...

Annual festival were people of all ages can experience a wide specter of cultural offers within literature, music, dance, movies, lectures, theater and art on 20 of the cities cultural arenas. Do you like rock, poetry, theater or maybe art? O...

Marnardal Friluftsfestival
A festival where both kids and adults can try different activities like zip-line , photography, fishing, canoeing, rafting and much more! Maybe you get to join the elksafari too......

Senior Tours at SKMU
Welcome to our tours for seniors where we have time to sit down and talk about our experience of art. This spring curator Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen will lead art enthusiasts seniors through the various exhibitions.  All guided senior tours sta...

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