Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

"Familieliv på fyr" - Ausstellung
Visual artist Janne Robberstad "have been inspired by fyrlivet and set the color of the dream of the good old days: everyday and festive, adolescence and family life at lighthouses along the coast" as she describes it her self.  Mayor Jane Fard...

"Tidemand in der Heimatstadt"
Opening of the exhibition: "Tidemand in his hometown."...

Art exhibition
Before, now and afterwards To reflect on the time spent is at the core of any museum, and managing and maintaining an art collection is in many ways working against time. Among other things, make artwork to last as long as possible, but also to...

Art exhibitions at Odderøya
Welcome to Odderøya Open. Wo die Türen von Workshops, Galerien, Cafés und Produktionsflächen auf Odderøya öffnet für die Öffentlichkeit....

Exhibition at Galleri BI-Z
Frequent sales exhibitions throughout the year. Represents 120 Norwegian and foreign artists. The South of Norway's largest private art gallery....

Exhibition at Kristiansand Arthall
In our magnificent, spacious premises we continually have new, fascinating exhibitions of contemporary art by both national and international artists. Open: 01.01 to 31.12: Thurs - Sun, at. 12.00-16.00...

Sørlandsutstillingen 2014
Sørlandsutstillingen - Art Exhibition 2014 is shown in Galleri Buen. The exhibition runs from March 29th to April 20th...

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