Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Brainstorming - Kristiansand new jazz club
Brainstorming - Kristiansand new jazz club ... We're a small gang that wants to start "Kristiansand's new jazz club". We take the initiative for a meeting where anyone interested in town are welcome! We want this meeting to map out interest, d...

Einer der besten Hornisten
Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra Dirigent: Giordano Bellincampi Solist: Radovan Vlatković, Horn Programm: Ludwig van Beethoven: Leonoren-Ouvertüre Nr. 3 Richard Strauss: Hornkonzert Nr. 2 Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 4 Dauer: über 120...

Fargespill i Kristiansand - Ein musikalisches Kunstprojekt
Fargespill Kristiansand is a musical art project where over 100 children and young people from 30 different countries do a colorful performance. ...

Gitarrist Runar Kjeldsberg spielt Fossa auf Gimle Gård
Sunday September 21, the guitarist Runar Kjeldsberg will have a concert in Kristiansand at Gimle Gård. He will play rediscovered works of the unique French composer and soldier François de Fossa.  -The music by Fossa is so exciting, intelligent...

Konzert: Tre Nyanser - Kilden
Consert with three bands from the southern part of Norway....

Oktoberfest Kristiansand 2014 in Kick
Oktoberfest Kristiansand 2014 will take place on Friday 17 October and Saturday, 18 October at Kick. https://www.facebook.com/events/1519893944912917...

Open rehearsal with Kristiansand Symfoniorkester - KSO
Open rehearsal with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, KSO. Conductor: Giordano Bellincampi Duration:  about 45 min...

Orgelkonzert in der Kristiansand Domkirke/Kathedrale von Kristiansand
Orgelkonzert in der Kristiansand Domkirke/Kathedrale von Kristiansand...

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