Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Kaperdagene i Farsund
The Pirate Festival, known as Kaperdagene, is three days of fun and entertainment in the town of Farsund. There are pirate tours for children and entertainment from the stage in the town square. Kaperdagene traditionally starts with the annou...

Nuart Street Art Tours
Nuart’s Street Art Walking Tour takes you through 15 years of Nuart Festival’s impressive Street Art history and the evolution of Stavanger into one of the world’s leading destinations for Street Art. Street art is without doubt the most exci...

Rally Tronåsen
250 vintage vehicles will race over Tronåsen this day. The race starts at Lendemoen and runs along Sirdalsvannet to Moi, and out to Tronvik before passing over Tronåsen. It will be a great spectacle with lots of polished vintage cars. About T...

Summer show: Captain Sabeltann (NO)
Meet the legendary Captain Sabeltann in Kristiansand Zoo- Dyreparken. The show is in Norwegian language....

The King and Queen of Norway visit Kristiansand
The King and Queen of Norway will visit Kristiansand and it will be a big celebration party in Kristiansand city....

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