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ABSENCE - NORR - Da gudene breaket
The award-winning Absence Crew are Norwegian champions in break-dance – known from for example Norway’s got Talent and My Dance Crew on TV2. Tour premiere in Sandnes Kulturhus In true Absence style, the crew have now created a new break-da...

Among elephants and lighthouse
Bike tour mostly on tracks and roads along the fjords. The tour is along Hafrsfjord from Møllebukta and the 3swords. on the way north there will be a visit to the Vistehola, a dwelling from the stone age. You will see an elephant and the light h...

Art exhibition: Sidsel Hanum
Sidsel Hanum exhibits her ceramic works at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum - SKMU in Kristiansand city centre....

Arts and crafts marked
A marked teeming with life and a wonderful selection of arts and crafts. Besides the marked there is also several galleries and workshops at "Kulturfabrikken" (english: the Culture Factory). There is even a microbrewery!...

This year the festival is in cooperation with NorDan that celebrates 90 years anniversary! The festival takes place on Saturday 13 August, but there are several activities both Friday and Sunday, so set aside the entire weekend! Some of the r...

Ausstellung: Lisbeth Skranes, Risøbank
Charakteristisches Sommeranwesen des schottischen Lord Edward T. Salvesen im Naturreservat Furulunden, nicht weit von Mandals Zentrum. Das Haus war 1901 fertig, entworfen von dem schottischen Architekten Sir Lorimer. Das Anwesen wurde 1971 v...

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