Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

Blåtoner- A Christmas concert with K. A. Sørum, L. Bergrud & E. Nikolaisen
Knut Anders is the artist with the big voice and who won a televised singing contest on national TV in 2016. He has since then travelled to cultural venues and festivals, and after 20 years he has gained a place in the national consciousness. Le...

Jærdagen & Jærnattå
Jærdagen & Jærnåttå at Bryne, the big happening of the year! Jærdagen is a three-day town market event with shopping, fairground, local and international food, entertainment and 60,000 happy faces in the middle of the small town of Bryne. During...

Ranglerock 2019
The Ranglerock Festival is an annual rock festival that takes place in the small town of Bryne, located on the west coast of Norway. Usually arranged in July. The festival was first held at Hognestad in 2002, then being called the Hoggstock Fest...

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