Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

The festival takes place on Saturday 12 August, but there are several activities, so set aside the entire weekend! Festival history Neighbour Flekkefjord muncipipality had their salmon festival and Mandal had their shellfish festival (Skalldyrf...

Fjellparkfestivalen - Mountain park festival
Fjellparkfestivalen (literal translation: The Mountain Park Festival) is the oldest continuous rock festival in Norway, and has been arranged every year since 1982. The festival takes place in the middle of July in the small southern town of Fle...

Laksefestivalen Flekkefjord
Elvegaten (River Street) is closed and long tables are set up where you can enjoy a salmon dish. The festival has a farmers market, children's activities, concerts, city walks, and various award ceremonies. For the full program, see their w...

Ponies in the Museum Garden
Come and say hi to the ponies at the museums garden!...

The last weekend of May every year is when the small community in Sokndal organise their festival with several events, from the opening on the Friday afternoon, market day on the Saturday to Strandadagen Sunday. ...

Sturla Berg-Johansen, new solo show
Feel good stand up show with artist Sturla Berg-Johansen. The show is in Norwegian. ...

Wochenende das Kinder
Join fun activities in Egersund Saturday the 13th of August. Make your own candy at the chocolate factory, make your own unforgettable clay figure and join the fun turf hunt activities with Magma Geopark. After a buffet made for children, have f...

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