Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

This year the festival is in cooperation with NorDan that celebrates 90 years anniversary! The festival takes place on Saturday 13 August, but there are several activities both Friday and Sunday, so set aside the entire weekend! Some of the r...

Gyland Grand Prix
Die jährliche Reitturnier, Gyland Grand Prix versammeln sich mehr als 1500 Besuchern jedes Jahr. Verschiedene Wettbewerbe, Essensstände und Marktplatz....

Laksefestivalen 2016
The Salmon Festival is an annual event which first saw the light of day in summer 1992. Since then the festival has increased in popularity and thousands gather in downtown the weekend it takes place. Elvegaten (River Street) is closed and l...

Rally Tronåsen
250 vintage vehicles will race over Tronåsen this day. The race starts at Lendemoen and runs along Sirdalsvannet to Moi, and out to Tronvik before passing over Tronåsen. It will be a great spectacle with lots of polished vintage cars. About T...

Sailing course for kids in Egersund
An offer for children and youth who haven’t sailed before or have some prior knowledge. Meeting point: Nysundhalsen, exit road at Eigerøy bridge. This is FREE and the aim is to give an introduction to the sport of sailing. Necessary ins...

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