Aktiviteter og attraksjoner | Activities and attractions

A chain of lighthouse - In balance with
In 2018, it is ten years since On the Edge was one of the main projects of the European Capital of Culture year. We celebrate this with the 2018 art and culture project IN BALANCE WITH. The world is in imbalance. Nature is in imbalance, man is i...

NUART 4 KIDS: Papperiet
Come build with cardboard! Build your own house, shop, car or plane! Let your imagination run wild!!! Papperiet is a haven for children: a place where creativity flourishes and time stands still. The children get access to an area with infini...

Stavanger Sentrum Street Art Tours
Takes you through years of Nuart Festival's impressive Street Art history and the evolution of Stavanger into one of the world's leading destinations for Street Art. WHEN Every Saturday at 13:00 MEETING POINT Outside the Stavanger Tour...

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